SEO: The position of backlinks to a website

The position of backlinks to a website is essential. The higher up your link can be found on this website is, the more valuable the link. Links in the upper text area are optimal, but a back link from the comment section of a website can also cause a lot.

Link building structure

Avoid too structured link building strategy. Try just links from the footer (footer) to obtain a website, but try your links mixed colourful as possible.The age of a website determines how quickly and intensely the link building can be operated. A newly registered website takes time until it is indexed on Google and has a certain amount of trust on the part of Google. Insert at the beginning only a few backlinks daily and increase slowly from week to week the number of new backlinks.

Too many backlinks for Google seems an unnatural link building.Insert at the beginning not only extremely strong backlinks, but start small. Only a few PR 0, 1, and 2 pages, after a few weeks then they’re some PR 3 and PR 4 backlinks and only when you come in the ranking clearly ahead, you can start by gently some PR 5, 6 backlinks to set. Put your backlinks not only on home pages of the same industry or similar construction.

Try to create a broad portfolio link and you do so at about Backlinks

  • Blog Posts
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • News posts
  • Article Publications
  • Directories

The best link building strategy
Your link building strategy must act as if the link completely natural growth of your website for Google:

  • Backlinks from all areas of a Web page (header, content, sidebar, footer)
  • Different keywords and keyword combinations
  • Different link destinations (not just links to the homepage, but also on other pages
  • Natural domain

In addition, “nofollow” links make the link building strategy for Google opaque. Put quiet enough nofollow links to websites that do not pass link juice, but still have a high Google Trust (old age, number of backlinks, PageRank medium to high).